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Monday, August 29, 2005

Better late...

OK, normally, better late than never is not at all my policy! But, in this case, I'll give myself a break. I didn't do my traditional "Saturday" blog this week because it was my husband's birthday, and we made it a point to go nowhere near a computer or do anything work-related. We both needed the vacation!
Also this weekend, I finished The Screwtape Letters,, (sorry for the long URL, but the "linker" isn't cooperating) by C.S. Lewis.
Great great book. It really made me aware that there are good and bad angels, demons, forces or whatever you want to call them. And they are out there, fighting over my soul (and yours), using or abusing our temptations and even our tiny everyday struggles. It really helped put into perspective what the focus of my life should be, and I highly recommend it.

On a lighter note (and much less spiritual), I was also noticing in Vogue,, how many more ads now contain Internet addresses. I remember as a kid I would call a 1-800 number if it was available. Now all I have to do is check out to see anything I want to see! No bulky catalog, no junk mail. How 'bout that.
OK, I'll try to be on time with the blog this week!
We'll see how the week pans out.

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