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Thursday, September 11, 2014

17 Hamburgers

This week, we celebrated 70 years of the little cowboy in this picture, so I thought it was worth re-telling one of the classic family stories surrounding the day he was born.

I believe my grandfather, Rece, was still overseas in the war, so my Grandma Catherine (Dad's mother) was living with her parents at the time in rural Alabama. Her sister, my dear Aunt Ruth, was a little girl and still at home then, and she and my grandmother were very close. Here's her recounting of that day:

Daddy had to get the only man who had a car in that community to take him to Red Bay to get the doctor for Catherine. There were no telephones then, either! Anyway, the man protested that he had not had supper and Daddy told him they did not have time to wait for him to eat because they needed to get the doctor on his way. Daddy promised to buy his supper once the doctor had been dispatched. Once that was done, they went to Rob Orrick's hamburger place there in Red Bay and Daddy said the man ate 17 hamburgers!! When he kept ordering hamburgers, he told Daddy, "I'm hungry! I've been working in hay!" Of course Daddy couldn't say anything because he had promised to buy his supper. Long story short, we always felt like Jerry was worth far more than the price of the hamburgers the greedy man exacted! 

I love that story, and it shows what a special guy my dad has always been to all who have known him. It was a bittersweet birthday for all of us. We're so grateful for these 70 years, and it's still not nearly long enough.

Monday, September 08, 2014


I've been trying to get back into the blogging groove as of late, but I post a bit more consistently and casually on Instagram if you'd like to find me there.

Things I like there:

  • Hashtags make it easy to connect and explore other posts, but...
  • ...without the character limitations of Twitter.
  • A picture with every post and, to help with that...
  • filters!

See you there?

Thursday, September 04, 2014

No Denying It

I have a couple of mini-mes on my hands. :)

The dress helps, of course.

It's one of a handful my mom made for me when I was a little girl (before she decided she absolutely hated sewing, smocking, and any variation on that theme).

For my Dad's upcoming birthday, I knew I wanted to do a re-creation of a photo of me, and this was a dress that still fit both of them.

I didn't realize it, but C and I are actually the same age in these photos. {Sidenote: will her hair ever grow?!}

So, special dress and a set of special photos.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Short Stories: My Cure for Lackluster Reading

I don't know if it's my frame of mind or just a run of not-so-great books, but I've put down the last four books I've started.

My rule is to give a book a chapter or the first 50 pages (whichever comes last). If I don't like it, I put it down--no guilt. Often by then, I've gotten into the story, so I just keep going. But these last few, I've just been....BORED.

I was really disappointed in Thirteen Moons by Charles Frazier. I loved Cold Mountain and had high hopes for this one {and even gave it about 75 pages} but just couldn't get into the story.

After a summer of "meh" reading, I was excited to see this pop up on my shelf next. {I read my books in the order I got them because I'm an ISTJ.}
{Best picture ever, oui?}

Short stories almost always get me past a reading slump. They're the perfect length to finish over a lunch hour or just before bed, and they're often really well-written. Words are used sparingly, and the plot is generally contained within a limited time-frame.

In my case, I read a handful of these on a quick plane trip to and from Alabama this last weekend, and the feel of the mystery stories even fit right in with our quickly-approaching fall.

There are classics like Dickens and Poe as well as more contemporary authors, and I'd be happy to pass along my copy when I'm finished if you're interested!

What are you reading this week?

Thursday, August 07, 2014


Catherine was flipping through a Justice League comic book the other night {don't judge}.

She pointed at Superman and said, "Daddy!" Then at Wonder Woman and said, "Mommy!"

We didn't correct her.

{Random shot of fun-in-a-box.}

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ironing Help!

Hi friends!

Seeking some domestic advice here.

I wrote awhile back about how awesome daily laundry has been {and still is!}, but one thing I've not tamed is our pile of ironing.

Pre-kids, I just did it on Saturdays when I cleaned house and did everything else. If it had to wait a week, the ironing board just stayed up with the clothes on it.

Not so much with two inquisitive/climbing/running little gals around now.

So, the ironing piles and piles and piles, and I do a piece here and there. {Or I go to work wrinkled. Shocking!}

But it's not managed well at all, and I've not yet been able to hit on a system that works.

I even tried the whole hanging and straightening straight out of the washer thing. For one, it took too long {almost as long as ironing the piece}; for another, it didn't really work. :/

So, any advice? Do any of you have a genius ironing system you can pass along?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Heard in Our House: Spelling Bee

Jason, referencing some online article...
"Shouldn't Sarah Palin have an "h" in it?"

Me: No, it's P-a-l-i-n.


"Um, I meant Sarah."

We laughed about this for the rest of the night. Even the little gals were cackling.

Read from the beginning...